Old Iron Division Ehrenmitglieder

Fred Schultz

Fred Schultz is most often referred to as the Ambassador of Paintball, a title given to him because of all he did to promote the sport worldwide.

His list of accomplishments includes being brought in to serve as Master of Ceremonies, to play the game, and support the field at the first world record breaking game held by Skirmish in Pennsylvania. He also served as the Master of Ceremonies for the first Miss Paintball contest at the International Amateur Open near Pittsburgh and repeated that role for several years. He was asked to attend many Big Game events all over the U. S. and the world and was one of the first North Americans to play overseas in England, France, and other countries.

In the early years of paintball he was the top sponsored person in the sport supported by companies such as Air America, Smart Parts, Vents Goggles, Digger Shoes, J & J Barrels, Air Gun Designs, View Loader, Line SI Brass Eagle, Tiger Stripe and others. As of 2020, he has had more magazine and paper cover shots than any other player and with that far reaching visibility, he worked to raise money for numerous charities hosted by playing fields.

Using his presence in the industry, Fred produced and distributed a video – The Fun of Paintball with Fred Schultz – which sold nearly one million copies. His focus was always aimed at beginner players to bring new people into the sport.

Another promotional activity was as a star of the number one paintball show on ESPN2 called Paintball USA which aired many times for one season in 1995-1996, reaching millions of viewers. Fred also, set up, starred in, and co-directed the number one show on MTV called Road Rules which also was viewed by millions.

Additionally, Fred helped get teams together to start the National Paintball Players League (NPPL) and served as spokesman for that organization. He also helped train the police and S.W.A.T. teams in Richmond, San Francisco and Oakland California police departments for two years and played on one of the first professional teams, Constant Pursuit.

Fred Schultz worked in the industry media as a writer for Action Pursuit Games Magazine and Paintball Sports, and served as the west coast editor for Paintball News and currently hosts a podcast Mr. Fred and Friends.

With decades of commitment to the sport of paintball, his title of Ambassador was earned and well deserved.